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CREARTE is a prevention and intervention center that impacts children, youth and families through its educational, artistic and recreational programs accompanied by psychosocial support services. The center also has multiple community impact projects in order to promote well-being and address vulnerability factors. We have served in the community of San José in Río Piedras since 2001.  

It arises as a response to promote the development of environments that encourage the development of skills and potential of children and youth through the provision of comprehensive services. Over the years responding to the needs of other vulnerable populations by developing programs to also serve adults.

Facilitate alternatives for children and adolescents to develop their emotional and social potential through art, recreation, and fostering a commitment to learning. 

To be a pioneering project using non-traditional strategies for human development that transform the quality of life of the communities served. 

Our goal is to help children, young people and adults from the ages of 6 onwards, who live in vulnerable communities, achieve their full realization as individuals. They actively participate in structured programs aimed at character formation, as well as the acquisition and strengthening of a value system through artistic and recreational activities, as well as support for school tasks. 

Among the goals pursued by the center are: the offering of educational services aimed at strengthening academic performance, providing an alternative education that is responsive to the needs and interests of the participants and parallel to the current reality. Provide preventive programs and services aimed at mitigating vulnerability factors; thus promoting the development of the capacities of the participants.

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Help us to continue our mission

To continue the work we must remain in constant improvement. That is why we want to grow our offerings and connect with more families and members of the community.

Every contribution you make helps us continue our programs that support Puerto Rican youth.

Community Services

At CREARTE, we believe that both children and young people have the potential to develop and achieve their maximum fulfillment as human beings. We believe in and respect the fact that we are as different in our minds as we are on the outside.

Educational Programs

Alternative School

Offers secondary studies in accelerated modality to young people between the ages of 11 and 21 to obtain their fourth-year diploma, we also offers tutoring if necessary.

After-School Service

Offered during the school semester Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. to mitigate risk factors with reinforcements of educational skills, arts, and recreation.

Community Service Center

Their objective is to provide children and young people with spaces for formation of values and the strengthening of self-esteem using artistic elements.


Addressed to maximize potential social and emotional in a multidisciplinary way to address social situations that affect the individual and their families.

Who we serve

Our goal is to serve the communities and schools by providing educational and social opportunities that allow them to acquire the necessary tools to succeed in their lives, their careers, and in their communities.

Our partners

Our aspirations for the future are focused on continuing and expanding our services. Our main objective being to bring vulnerable populations closer to alternative educational, psychosocial support, arts, and recreational spaces.


Do you want to be a volunteer?

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Postal Address

PO Box 190969, San Juan, PR 00919-0969

All donations made by post must be made to: CREARTE, Inc.