Committed to learning

We help Puerto Rican boys and girls and youth to develop as individuals in society through educational and emotional support programs.

Our Participants

Our service is addressed to broad sectors of the population. in the San Juan area in the following sectors: San José, Manuel A. Perez, Jardines de las Puertas Nuevas I and II, El Prado, Juan Cesar Cordero, Hato Rey Centro: Las Monjas and Quintana. In addition, the towns of Yabucoa, Maunabo, Carolina and Trujillo Alto and among others.

The services include:
  • Educational services for boys and girls aged 6-15 
  • Alternative School for seventh through twelfth grades
  • Psychosocial services 5 years to adults 
  • Educational workshops on economic development and technology from the age of 18
  • Art workshops for adults over 50 years old 
  • Parenting workshops

Help us to continue our mission

To continue the work we must remain in constant improvement. That is why we want to grow our offerings and connect with more families and members of the community.

Every contribution you make helps us continue our programs that support Puerto Rican youth.

Educational Programs

At CREARTE, we believe that both children and young people have the potential to develop and reach their highest fulfillment as human beings. We believe in and respect the fact that we are as different in our minds as we are on the outside.


Alternative School

From a joint effort between the Department of Education and CREARTE, Inc., through the C.A.S.A Project (Center for Sustainable Student Support).  The 3C educational model uses the theory of multiple intelligences, among others, to offer an individual academic program that responds to the strengths of each participant.

Dicho programa funciona como escuela alternativa, ofreciendo estudios secundarios en modalidad presencial, virtual/híbrida a jóvenes entre 7mo-12mo grado.  Community to which the traditional educational system could not fulfill their academic expectations.

In addition to offering instruction in the basic subjects, the program includes the emotional and artistic element as a tool for strengthening character and developing creative skills.  It also integrates the emotional intelligence module, using art to know, identify and properly manage emotions.

After-School Service

This program aims to provide educational, artistic, recreational and psychosocial services aimed at promoting the development of the capacities of the participants. Serves children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years old in the evening hours on a daily basis.

It offers multidisciplinary services to meet your interests and needs through various strategies. 

Let's Study Together It addresses the educational component, fostering a commitment to learning. Participants are assisted by a facilitator daily to complete assignments and reinforce skills. It also supports the development of school projects. 

Individualized Academic Reinforcement: It is provided to those participants who require individual support in a specific subject. 

Reading-Writing Supports the development of reading and writing skills for participants who show difficulty in developing these skills. 

Psychosocial Services

Its purpose is to maximize the social and emotional potential in a multidisciplinary way to address social situations that affect the individual and their families. We have social workers and psychologists who, through multiple strategies, attend to the needs of the population.

These services offer different modalities: individual, group, and family. 

  • Group Therapy 
  • Terapia individual
  • Terapia Familiar
  • Grupos Socio Educativos
  • Evaluaciones Psicométricas y Psicológicas 

Taller de Capacitación Parental – apoya a los padres, madres y encargados en el proceso de crianza a través de la provisión de herramientas que fomenten espacios saludables para el bienestar familiar.

Estos servicios no solo se ofrecen a nuestros participantes y sus familias, también están disponibles para la comunidad en general. 

Community Services Center

At CREARTE, we believe that both children and young people have the potential to develop and reach their highest fulfillment as human beings. We believe in and respect the fact that we are as different in our minds as we are on the outside.

This program emerges from the need to access art to vulnerable sectors. Through this program, communities, schools and other organizations are visited to provide artistic services. It includes different population sectors, children, youth and adults.

This workshop impacts the school community, this project offers prevention workshops on issues of development and emotional strengthening through training workshops by specialized personnel. It also offers education and training to school personnel.

The economic development program is aimed at participants over 18 years of age and aims to provide training to encourage business entrepreneurship and promote self-employment.

This project provides training in the use of technology for adults over 18 years of age in the use of computer programs, use of the computer, applications, among others.  

This project serves boys and girls aged 6-11 years to provide tools that allow them to protect themselves against sexual abuse and identify support resources. Use the artistic medium as a teaching strategy. 

Community Impact

Thanks to our work team, volunteers, and collaborators we have been able to positively impact our youth and families in the following ways:

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